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World Team Championship flies past 100!
« am: 26. Juli 2018, 11:23:29 »

The other day Karsten Bredahl sent me all matches he had from the World Team Championship and so did Gianlazzaro Sanna and Stefan Parlow. Thanks a lot!

This has pushed this tournament past 100 matches with ease and is now at 119! Now that is seriously sweet! :-)

I couldn't display the table here as the post went above 30000 characters. It is available from this link.

As for the naming the full tournament name was "WBGF Individual Championship & World Team Championship" but that is a bit too long so it got shortened to  "World Team Championship". I have created events for each nations matchup:

so if you wanted to find all matches in the "Denmark vs UK" event you could open the search dialog (magnifying glass in the match list) then click on the find event button and then enter "Denm" and click on the entry you're looking for.

This works well if the event naming is consistent but usually it isn't. A nice guideline could be to make it generic and not include any information that is already found elsewhere. Tournament, year and round info is already found elsewhere so what you are left with are names like "speedgammon", "doubles", "super jackpot", "champ div", "advanced div" and so on. And in the above case "(country) vs (country)" works well. Using generic terms makes them easier to search for.

There is also a "World Individual Championship" event.

By the way I am optimistic that there can still be as many as 50 more match videos from this tournament left to be transcribed! I think I saw 8-9 recording setups in an overview picture from the tournament. That is awesome! And in addition there are many streamed match videos that are currently only available directly from but once moved to Youtube they are easier to link to and transcribe.

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