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EBIF European Online Team Championship 2014
« am: 31. Mai 2014, 07:05:48 »
Dear Sir/Madam
EBIF European Online Team Championship 2014
We, the Ebif team for the European Online Team Championship 2014, are pleased to invite you to be one of the participating nations. Details of the requirements and format are given below.
Tournament Entry Requirements and Awards
The key details are as follows:
•   The contact-person for each participating nation should announce the team selected, including the appointed Captain (who may be non-playing) before 10 August 2014. Full name, email address and backgammon server nickname should be emailed to
•   The contact-person or Captain of each participating nation should pay the required entry fee, by bank transfer or via paypal, before 20 August 2014.
•   The entry fee of  55 Euro per team (10% of which covers administrative costs) should be transferred to the following account:
Bernhard Mayr, account at
Sparkasse Schwaz   (BIC: SPSCAT22XXX, IBAN:AT92
20510 00000014167 ), or
- via Paypal plus. 0,94 Euro charge to
If there will be additional charge for transfer
via Paypal , the participant has first to check
this and has to pay this charge together with the
participation fee. The Paypal-charge is in Europe
0,94 Euro (0,35 Euro + 1,9 percent of
participation fee ).
•   The Champions, Runners-up and third place teams will each receive individual award certificates. Each of these teams will also receive the following prize monies:
Champion:      50%
Runner-up:      30%
3rd place:      20%

General Tournament Format and Requirements
•   9 Rounds switz system - triple KO
•   Each team comprises 5 players. There are no alternatives or reserves. If a player is unable to continue playing the tournament for valid reasons, a single substitution may be allowed subject to the agreement of the Tournament Director.
•   The Captain chooses the seed order (1 to 5) before the start of the tournament, and this remains constant throughout.
•   All matches must be played on the GridGammon server and be recorded in match files format. Match files are submitting to the Tournament Directors using the website. Where a match is completed but neither player was able to save matchfiles the result is valid if it can be proofed (in history ...). Match files should be complete or, if there were unavoidable computer disconnections, the part-files should cover the whole of the match.
•   Where cheating or collusion is suspected, matches will be analysed in detail and scrutinised by the Ruling Committee. Where transgressions are considered to have occurred, the individual players will be expelled from the tournament (and any future involvement with EBIF event), and the teams not allowed to make substitutions.
•   Captains are expected to take a positive role in monitoring and reporting results, and in fostering good communications and sportsmanship between teams, by ensuring that his individual team members act politely and fairly at all times, giving proper consideration for their opponents (e.g., no complaining of bad luck, no unnecessary computer disconnections).
•   The completion is subject to the general EBIF Tournament Rules found on the pages of the EBIF website.
triple KO
•   The competition starts on 01 September 2014 and is scheduled to end on 01 December  2014.
•   Each team plays maximum nine matches - as soon as a team lost three times it is out .
•   After nine rounds the first tie-breaker is the head-to-head results between teams. The second tie-breaker are the single player points.
•   each round is announced on the website with deadline and an email will be send to the capitans of the teams
•   Each player is individually responsible for arranging and scheduling their matches, for this "scheduling" on the website has to be used. Captains are expected to monitor the progress of their team members to ensure timely completion within this phase, and to avoid incurring penalties.
•   team selection - duty of the capitan -  should be determined by placement in online national championships for each country - it is also allowede to use the pr of international or national ebif tournaments for selection of players, in keeping with the overall philosophy of the EBIF. Nations without national championship can use other methods for qualification!
We hope that all participants will thoroughly enjoy this year’s tournament, making it a big success for all of us.
Yours sincerely,
Bernhard Mayr
EBIF Tournament Director
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Re: EBIF European Online Team Championship 2014
« Antwort #1 am: 03. Juni 2014, 09:07:31 »
EBIF Deutschland wird für diesen Wettbewerb ein Team nominieren. Grundlage für die Nominierung ist die bisherige Performance-Rate aus den Turnierspielen bei EBIF Deutschland und EBIF International. Stichtag für die Feststellung ist der 01.07.2014. Berücksichtigt werden Spieler ab einer Experience von etwa 10 Matches. Das Komitee wird nach Feststellung die betreffenden Spieler direkt ansprechen.
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EBIF European Online Team Championship 2014 - Das deutsche Team
« Antwort #2 am: 02. Juli 2014, 13:06:51 »
EBIF Deutschland hat für die European Online Team Championship 2014 auf der Grundlage der PR bei EBIF-Turnieren und in Absprache mit den PR-besten Spielern folgendes Team gemeldet:

1. Volker Sonnabend
2. Christian Plenz
3. Julian Becker
4. Athanasios Lagopatis
5. Frank Simon
Reserve: Maik Stiebler

Wir freuen uns, dass sich alle PR-besten Spieler bereit erklärt haben, für das deutsche Team anzutreten. Wir drücken unseren deutschen Topspielern die Daumen, die Siegesserie von Athanasios (Champions Cup-Winner) und Frank (European Cup- und EBIF Open-Winner) bei EBIF International-Turnieren fortzusetzen.
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Re: EBIF European Online Team Championship 2014
« Antwort #3 am: 29. Dezember 2014, 09:32:18 »
Das Turnier wurde gestern beendet. Das deutsche Team mit Volker, Christian, Julian, Athanasios und Frank hat sich prima geschlagen und eine Platzierung auf dem Treppchen erreichen können. Auch in der PR-Auswertung waren nur die Dänen (3,82) und Iraner (4,55) stärker als das deutsche Team (5,23):

1. Dänemark
2. Lettland
3. Deutschland

Herzlichen Glückwunsch  :-A
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Re: EBIF European Online Team Championship 2014
« Antwort #4 am: 29. Dezember 2014, 19:13:55 »
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 3. Platz!!!